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The Equiband System

Equicore's goal

The goal of Equicore Concepts® is to educate the greater horse community on how to rehabilitate, manage and prevent underlying musculoskeletal and neurological conditions with respect to motor control, core stability and rehabilitation strategies, through the use of specific and appropriate exercises for the horse, both from the ground and in ridden work.

It's not just about the system!

Buying from Ethical Horse Products also means:

  • that you can easily buy replacement system bands without having to go through the validation requirement.
  • that if your system gets a broken clip or band clip, send it back to us, and we will replace it free of charge.

Latest Blog Post

    Change comes around like the seasons. Inevitably and constantly. Just when you feel you have it sorted, something will change, and you will need to regroup and start over. Maybe you have just got your horses used to the walk to their summer paddocks, and now autumn is rolling in you need to move them.

    Possibly you have a nice routine of riding in the long evenings after work, but now you are seeing the night creeping in, steadily encroaching on your time, so you need a new plan. It can be tiring, but life is never static, it is always fluid.

    Change is easier to handle when you understand the fluidity of the world, when you know that things will change. When you understand this, you can enjoy the present moment that you are in. You understand that this won’t last, that it is important to value it, appreciate. So, enjoy the late evening ride, but understand it will soon be impossible. Enjoy the walk to the summer paddock, knowing you will soon be moving to winter grazing.

    Being open to change, allows the change to flow. If you block against the change, it will make it harder for you to adapt to the change. Rather than moaning about the darkening evenings, think of the good things about winter. Concentrate on what you will gain. Concentrate on the beauty of the changing seasons, the slow turning of the year. Understand the importance of that. Don’t fix on what you can’t have. You can’t have endless summer, unless you move to Florida, but be prepared to put up with hurricanes!

    My favorite part of the shorter days are the sunsets and sunrises. Nothing beats watching the sun rise, and in the summer months it is too early for me to see it, so in the winter I look forwards to sunrises and sunsets and inky dark skies filled with stars.

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