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The Equiband System

Equicore's goal

The goal of Equicore Concepts® is to educate the greater horse community on how to rehabilitate, manage and prevent underlying musculoskeletal and neurological conditions with respect to motor control, core stability and rehabilitation strategies, through the use of specific and appropriate exercises for the horse, both from the ground and in ridden work.

It's not just about the system!

Buying from Ethical Horse Products also means:

  • that you can easily buy replacement system bands without having to go through the validation requirement.
  • that if your system gets a broken clip or band clip, send it back to us, and we will replace it free of charge.

Latest Blog Post

    It’s starting to get dark again. The trails of sunlight are leaving the sky earlier and earlier in the afternoon. The clocks go backwards in a few weeks, shortening the afternoons and heralding in the dark evenings of winter time.

    I saw a great picture the other day that showed the difference in visibility of a child standing at a bus stop in a yellow jacket and a dark one. The child in the dark jacket was literally invisible. Remember bright jackets save lives.

    High-viz gear for hacking on the roads is a worthwhile investment. Those extra moments that it gives a driver to see you, can be literally a life saver. Even if you don’t have high-viz consider the colour of your winter jacket. Is it brown, or green? Or is it yellow or orange? The yellow or orange jacket will help you to be seen, as well as bringing a smile to your face as you put it on.

    If you are just about to buy your winter jacket, just remind yourself of those images of horses hacking under trees, with riders in dark clothing. Do you want to be that hard to spot rider? Or would you rather stand out like a Christmas trees, so that every driver in the local vicinity grinds to a halt every time they see you. I know which I would rather!

    As responsible road users it is our duty to make ourselves visible, to advertise our presence to other road users. Just as we make sure that our horses are safe to ride on the roads, we need to make sure they are seen. As a driver, it is incredibly nerve wracking to suddenly spot a horse on the road and realise how easy it would have been not to see them till too late. We all know the roads can be dangerous and some drivers can be reckless. But reduce your chances of having an accident by being sensible and by being seen. So, think bright this winter!

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