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The Equiband System

Equicore's goal

The goal of Equicore Concepts® is to educate the greater horse community on how to rehabilitate, manage and prevent underlying musculoskeletal and neurological conditions with respect to motor control, core stability and rehabilitation strategies, through the use of specific and appropriate exercises for the horse, both from the ground and in ridden work.

It's not just about the system!

Buying from Ethical Horse Products also means:

  • that you can easily buy replacement system bands without having to go through the validation requirement.
  • that if your system gets a broken clip or band clip, send it back to us, and we will replace it free of charge.

Latest Blog Post

    I love the Olympics. And I enjoy watching different sports and as well the wonders of the British Equestrian team. I love the aspiration, the obsession, the precision and the power that so many sports have. I love the tales of their pathways to the Games. I love the dedication and devotion. The whole thing gives me goosebumps.

    We all know how incredible Charlotte Dujardin is, though a special mention to Carl Hester for competing in his sixth Olympics, which is a monumental achievement. Years ago if you mentioned dressage people (outside the horse world) looked blankly at you. It wasn’t a sport we excelled in, and nor did it seem to enter the nation’s conscience.

    I remember making my colleagues watch Charlotte’s test at the London Olympics in 2012, and no-one had heard of any of the riders, nor (quite frankly) were they interested. But by the end, and because she won gold they were captured.

    Fast forward to 2021. In my city office a colleague explained to me with a great level of knowledge about the fact that Charlotte Dujardin had retired Valegro and was on her new horse Gio, but that she was still a medal favorite. The change is incredible. She has permeated a nation and turned dressage from an obscure sport into a sport where we are world leaders. That is quite an achievement.

    When she won the Gold medal at the London Olympics we had never won a single medal in dressage despite a century of trying. That is an incredible burden of a nation and a sport to carry. Reading articles from 2021 they say that this will change the future of dressage as a sport forever. I think they were right. Nearly 10 years later the man on street knows what dressage is, knows her, and can name her horses. That is some legacy to have created.

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