Simon Palmer Founder

Simon Palmer

Simon Palmer is a conservationist, photographer, writer, presenter and cameraman. Simon has spent over a decade filming well-known horse clinicians such as Monty Roberts, Kelly Marks, Richard Davison, Martin Clunes, and Mary Wanless to name a few. His footage regularly appears on UK and US TV, along with numerous DVDs. Simon is known for his accurate behavioural animal images, and has been the "goto" person for this specialist area for a long time. When he is not in the savannahs of Africa raising awareness for big cats, working with AfriCat, he is turning our vision of EHP into a reality. Simon is passionate about fairness to animals, and believes this should be the case with horses. He hopes that EHP will provide people with an effortless user experience, if not please contact him at:

Lizzie Hopkinson Founder

Lizzie Hopkinson

Lizzie Hopkinson competed as a junior on the dressage circuit. She since moved into marketing and is now so pleased to be able to combine the two. She is passionate about non-judgmental learning and personal development, and believes that the relationship we have with our horses can help us grow as people. She is responsible for all the marketing and PR for EHP, so if you have a story you would like to share please contact her at:

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