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Now that you are not worrying about whether you have the right rugs on your horse - you have the time to learn to massage instead! Massage is a great way to reduce tension and tenderness, increase stride length and performance.

A limited time offer of these two great products that together will improve your horse's welfare. The Orscana monitoring tool along with Sue Palmer's Horse Massage for Horse Owners DVD.
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With a clever system to hook the device onto any rug, Orscana lets you know which rug you should be using for what conditions whether your horse is in the stable, paddock or in transit. It will predict which rug you should be using based on the previous night’s data in conjunction with weather forecasts. It provides insight into your horses life, how long they are lying down, if they are calm or stressed and when they are moving , giving you a complete view into their daily lives.
Orscana Box Contents

In the box

1 x Attachment System
3 x Pockets
1 x Battery (installed)
1 x Orscana
1 x Manual

Phone app is free to download, see links below.
Arioneo is a French company specializing in the development and distribution of solutions for the Equine world to provide accurate insight and analysis into performance and health for all horses.

The Arioneo team has brought together many different fields of expertise which combined allow them to develop and deliver their products and services. Their knowledge encompasses electronics, embedded software, design, web and mobile skills, algorithmic programming, and horse physiology. Arioneo uses expertise from leading vets, and professionals from all equine disciplines along with biomechanic PhD’s to help their development.

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How to get started…

Who can use the Orscana?

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The Orscana is suitable for all types of horses and ponies, not just competition horses. All horses and ponies will benefit from you being able to monitor their temperature, and behaviour patterns when you are not there to see them. The Orscana can be worn whilst travelling, which can be a useful aid, as it can hard to assess whether your horse is the correct temperature when in a lorry or trailer. The cleverly designed monitor also assesses your horse's behaviour pattern, so that you can tell whether he has lain down, been quiet or agitated overnight. This can help you to understand your horse's patterns better, for example, should you arrive in the morning and your horse is clearly unsettled, with the Orscana you can see when this behaviour started. You may find that it was only 10 minutes prior to your arrival, so you would be able to alter your timings to prevent your horse becoming distressed. Anyone who is interested in the behaviour of their horse, will find this a fascinating and useful tool to help them to monitor their horse.

How does it work?

The Orscana sensor secures into pockets which are sewed into your horse's rug, each device comes with three pockets, so that you can move the device between different rugs. The device monitors the horse's temperature and movement and sends that information via Bluetooth technology to an app on your smart phone. The data is then presented in a clear and simple manner making it easy to use, even for the non-technical among us!

The system is designed for one horse. If you have more than one horse then multiple devices are required, and all the devices can be linked to one app.

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